Areas of Practice

Eminent Domain


The power of Eminent Domain allows certain Governmental Authorities to acquire real property from private citizens, even without their consent, for a public purpose. The Federal and Florida Constitutions both permit this practice but, provide for full compensation for property owners for their loss. In Florida, full compensation includes certain attorneys’ fees and expert witness fees and costs. Importantly, these fees and costs are paid IN ADDITION TO, and not out of the eminent domain proceeds.

Marc D. Peltzman, P.A. brings substantial experience representing both taking authorities and private property owners, to its eminent domain practice. Attorney Peltzman has personally handled hundreds of eminent domain matters. In 2006 Mr. Peltzman was recognized for his commitment to the eminent domain practice area when he was invited to co-chair that year’s statewide Eminent Domain continuing education “super conference.” Mr. Peltzman has been involved with the Eminent Domain committee of the Florida Bar, the Association of Eminent Domain Professionals and Florida’s Center for Property Rights.

Foreclosure Defense


Marc D.Peltzman, P.A. offers its clients unique perspectives gained from experiences representing both owners and lenders in foreclosure matters. If you have been sued for foreclosure or you believe that suit is imminent please call for a no cost consultation to find out your legal rights and options.

Landlord Tenant


Marc D. Peltzman, P.A. has significant experience representing commercial and residential landlords and tenants in a wide variety of disputes. Years of experience has provided Marc D. Peltzman, P.A. a deep understanding of the significant role that timing and expense can play in either resolving or litigating landlord/tenant disputes. If you are having issues with your landlord or tenant that you are unable to resolve, Marc Peltzman, P.A. is pleased to provide you with a no cost consultation to assist you in
assessing your options.

Plat and Boundary Issues

Property rights are at the heart of Floridians' most basic individual and economic freedoms. If you believe that someone is improperly infringing on your right to the safely and quietly enjoy your property or, you have been accused of infringing on someone else's property rights, call for your no cost consultation today.

Property Tax Disputes


The majority of Central Floridians receive and pay their property tax bill with little or no issue. Many Central Floridians may even note that their property has been assessed for an amount actually below its market value. However, in this post-real estate bubble era where mortgage foreclosure short sales and bank owned properties constitute the majority of home sales in many communities, some taxing authorities may have a difficult time capturing all of the decreases in property value in their tax assessments. The Law Office of Marc D. Peltzman, P.A. has substantial experience in property tax disputes. If the Property Tax Assessment on your home, business or investment property is greater than what the property is worth, call Marc D. Peltzman, P.A. for your no charge consultation regarding options which may lower your property taxes.

Have you been denied a homestead exemption, agricultural designation or a disability exemption? Call Marc D. Peltzman, P.A. for your no charge consultation. Don’t pay more in property taxes than you need to.

Real Property Commercial Litigation

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